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Class 01 of Customer Experience Design—it lived up to the hype! I could talk about what we learned—innovative companies that are market driving vs. companies that are market driven, and don't get me wrong, it was an interesting discussion, but I want to talk about the classroom experience because after all the course is called Customer Experience Design. Essentially, we the students were the customers and our class experience, while perhaps not completely orchestrated because people can still not control the weather, was great! Wonderful first class with introductions happening outside in the courtyard enjoying a beautiful sunny morning. I have had a few memorable first class moments—walking into the room to the theme of Star Wars on May the 4th or arriving to class with Diana Ross belting out "Stop in the Name of Love" but being outside enjoying a lovely fall day at 8:30 am trumps those two experiences bay far! When deciding whether I should take the class many months back, one student compared the class and the professor's delivery style to a TED Talk—very accurate! Love TED Talks, they're dynamic, engaging, and make you think, just want you want in a class. The designer in me very excited to geek out, learn something new about design, and discuss Design Thinking. I never thought that when I applied to the MBA program that my design background would be so relevant. Looking forward to a great term. #CX17

Photo credit: Yogendra Kalavalapalli

Footnote: We also received an email today with a weekend playlist for the class compiled by one of my classmates, how cool is that. Personally I would have had added a U2 song to it, but cool nonetheless #CX17 Playlist

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