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Writing, concept, and design by Brooke Allen, Phil Garber, Erika Maddox, Catherine Sim

Illustrations and Video by Brooke Allen

The following is an excerpt from our proposal for the product:

The development of the Uˈbak-pak is an example of a product evolution utilizing the design process, from ideation to completion. Each stage was continuously questioned, evaluated, and tested to help expand and cultivate the final concept. It began with brainstorming through intergalactic thinking, then developed with learning from failure, and concluded with a mission to create a functional and stylish commuter knapsack—

Uˈbak-pak. By taking advantage of a process-based solution, we were able to invent a multipurpose pack with style that caters to the hip urban business person by adapting to their individual needs and lifestyle.

While there are many backpacks on the market we saw an opportunity to develop a backpack for a niche audience as a gap exists for a sophisticated, multipurpose, modular knapsack that is stylish enough to bring to the office yet durable enough to commute to work with on a bike. Unlike traditional backpacks, the U’bak-pak has been designed with a focus on both form and function—allowing you to seamlessly move from work to play.


There are a lot of ambiguities in the entrepreneurial world, but one thing is certain:

Uˈbak-pak by Warby Parker has your back. For educated, accomplished professionals, ages 25-35, who are also aspiring entrepreneurs with, or considering, a “side hustle”, the Uˈbak-pak is the most versatile, durable, and sleek premium backpack (POD) in the premium backpack and messenger bag industry (FOR). This is because it incorporates advanced technology and materials, while also featuring a classic design that will never go out of style (RTB). High-tech performance features such as back-cooling and power charging allow you to accomplish everything in your day, from meeting with your boss to working on your personal passion. This is the entrepreneur’s backpack. This is Uˈbak-pak by Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a company we looked at to approach for a licensing opportunity. It is an American brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses with a unique disruptive business model.

ABOUT Uˈbak-pak

To create a functional and stylish commuter knapsack that caters to the needs of the hip urban businessperson, providing them with a versatile knapsack that has the ability to adapt to their individual needs and lifestyle.

MISSION There is a style for every commuter / commuting in comfort / commuting in style.

VISION There is a style for every commuter / commuting in comfort / commuting in style.

VALUES (1) To enable all types of commutes in style, (2) To provide flexibility without compromising sophistication, (3) Form and function, (4) To manufacture a high-quality product with as minimal an environmental impact as possible.


Based on the segmentation analysis above, Uˈbak-pak’s primary target market is educated, accomplished professionals, ages 25-35, with a “side hustle”. The secondary target market is established entrepreneurs. We expect a halo effect that will draw "wantrepreneurs" and slightly older demographics. Therefore, the following dimensions must be incorporated into the product: Storage, Quality, Fashionable, Durable, Comfort, Status, Versatile, Durable, Sleek Appearance, High-Tech Performance, and Hands-Free.


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