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The Resort Municipality of Whistler


Commissioned artist, original work owned and commissioned by the Resort Municipality of Whistler. 
The concept for the designs was “Explore More”, in other words, there is much to see in Whistler, go see it with your own eyes. Also, many people associate RMOW with the winter season and activities that predominantly happen on the mountain, like skiing and snowboarding. I wanted to show there is more to Whistler than just being a ski town. The concept was illustrated using a variety of eye wear, like sunglasses and goggles, that are worn during the spring and summer while enjoying all that Whistler has to offer. Each banner focuses on differ­ent activities. The green banner reflects all of Whistler’s “forest activities”, like hiking, mountain biking, and zip-lining. The blue banner represents the winter activities that still happen on the glacier—skiing, snowboarding, and site-seeing gondola rides. The pink banner references all of the activities, festivals, and arts + entertainment that take place. The yellow banner illustrates the Village Stroll, the heart of the village where one can chill out and enjoy a drink on a patio (a common Whistler pastime).​

WB green.png
WB blue.png
WB yellow.jpg
WB pink.png
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