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The Resort Municipality of Whistler



Proposed Theme (limit six sentences)

Animals seen when visiting Whistler in the Spring and Summer — each animal was chosen for a specific reason. The cute Pika is elusive and usually seen when hiking in the alpine. The white-tail deer is unique to North America. The beaver is quintessential Canadian and who doesn’t love seeing the bears. The bears coming out of hibernation is definitely a sign of Spring and the Summer to come. A fifth banner was created to honour the whistling Hoary Marmot from which  Whistler Mountain got its name. As illustrated, they live in the alpine and usually congregate in groups and eat flowers.

final bear blu+navy-01.png
final bear blu+navy-02.png
final beaver chartuese+green-01.png
final beaver chartuese+green-02.png
finalpika pink+red-02.png
finalpika pink+red-01.png
final deer brown+yellow-01.png
final deer brown+yellow-02.png
finalmarmot beige purple-01.png
finalmarmot beige purple-02.png
pika pole in Whistler copy.jpg
pika on pole copy.jpg
bear pole in Whistler copy.jpg
bears on pole copy.jpg
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